Alibaba Group - Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report 176 Directors, Senior Management and Employees Current Partners The following table sets forth the names, in alphabetical order by surname, and other information regarding the current partners of the Alibaba Partnership as of the date of this annual report. Name Age Gender Year Joined Alibaba Group Current position with Alibaba Group Jingxian CAI (蔡景現) 45 M 2000 Senior Researcher, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Lijuan CHEN (陳麗娟) 41 F 2003 Vice President, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Li CHENG (程立) 47 M 2005 Group Chief Technology Officer Trudy Shan DAI (戴珊) 46 F 1999 President, Core Domestic E-commerce Luyuan FAN (樊路遠) 49 M 2007 President, Digital Media and Entertainment Yongxin FANG (方永新) 48 M 2000 General Manager, Local Services Jane Fang JIANG (蔣芳) 48 F 1999 Group Deputy Chief People Officer Jiangwei JIANG (蔣江偉) 40 M 2008 Vice President, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Zhenfei LIU (劉振飛) 50 M 2006 President, Amap Jack Yun MA (馬雲)† 57 M 1999 Partner, Alibaba Partnership Lucy Lei PENG (彭蕾)† 48 F 1999 Partner, Alibaba Partnership Xiaofeng SHAO (邵曉鋒) 56 M 2005 Senior Vice President Jie SONG (宋潔) 43 F 2000 Vice President, Human Resources Lijun SUN (孫利軍) 45 M 2002 Director-General, Alibaba Foundation Judy Wenhong TONG (童文紅) 51 F 2000 Group Chief People Officer Joseph C. TSAI (蔡崇信)† 58 M 1999 Group Executive Vice Chairman Jian WANG (王堅)† 59 M 2008 Chairman, Technology Steering Committee Hai WANG (汪海) 42 M 2003 Vice President, Core Domestic E-commerce Lei WANG (王磊) 42 M 2003 Senior Vice President Winnie Jia WEN (聞佳) 45 F 2007 President, Public Affairs Maggie Wei WU (武衛) 54 F 2007 Director Eddie Yongming WU (吳泳銘) 47 M 1999 Senior Vice President Zeming WU (吳澤明) 42 M 2004 Chief Technology Officer, Local Services Sara Siying YU (俞思瑛) 47 F 2005 Group General Counsel Yongfu YU (俞永福) 45 M 2007 President, Lifestyle Services Jeff Jianfeng ZHANG (張建鋒) 49 M 2004 President, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Head of Alibaba DAMO Academy Daniel Yong ZHANG (張勇)† 50 M 2007 Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jessie Junfang ZHENG (鄭俊芳) 48 F 2010 Group Chief Risk Officer, Chief Platform Governance Officer and Chief Customer Officer Shunyan ZHU (朱順炎) 51 M 2014 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alibaba Health † Member of the partnership committee.